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In April, 2006, the Condition of Texas implemented the brand new EPPICard ™ program. Custodial parents are now able to access their obligations online utilizing a Visa ® bank card. Your obligations are instantly loaded to the card and you can check out countless Visa ATM and store locations in Texas and round the world to create purchases or receive cash.

Quick access to cash at 1000’s of ATM locations

Consumers can acquire cash at any ATM exhibiting the Visa® or Plus® logos.

Avoid ATM taxes with your Eppicard TX Texas Bank Card Visa® card at Wells Fargo bank ATM’s or any other selected locations.

Free cash return with purchases at many store locations

Consumers could make purchases or buy things and receive cash return without any additional costs at many merchants, including supermarkets exhibiting the Interlink® logo design.

Search for the Visa® or Interlink® logos to recognize taking part retailers.

All bank locations exhibiting the Visa® logo design will give you cash distributions free of charge to Texas Bank Card ™ consumers.

Use of available balance and transaction history online

Consumers have secure use of their available balance and transaction history utilizing their user ID and password.

All transaction details are displayed immediately in time and date order.

Online use of available balance details are the fastest and simplest method readily available for the consumer.

Monthly transaction history within the last two months is definitely open to customers online.

Register Your Eppicard TX (Texas) to Login Online

If you have a new card that is activated, you have to register online in order to view account online. Click the link to complete that process.

Eppicard TX (Texas) Low Transaction Costs

Texas Bank Card ™ consumers are evaluated the next costs:

  • Wells Fargo ATM cash distributions: $1.25 after two free
  • Other ATM cash distributions: $1.25 every time
  • Bank teller window: $2.00 after two free
  • ATM balance inquiry: $.50 every time
  • ATM denial: $.50 after two free
  • Card alternative: $5.00
  • Expedited card delivery: $15.00


For those who have lost your card or maybe it’s been stolen, you need to immediately call the toll-free Customer Support number at 1-866-729-6159. The dpi can be obtained 24 hrs each day-seven days a week. For Customer Support outdoors from the U . S . States, call collect by calling 210-334-6611.

Get Cash Return with purchases

Many retailers including most supermarkets, diy stores, yet others help you get cash return whenever you buy something. It can save you a visit to the ATM with Cash Return.
Tell the cashier before swiping your Card you want to get cash return together with your purchase. Choose “Bank Card” and stick to the prompts to obtain “Cash Return” and also the amount you want to receive.

Discover the Nearest ATM

Search for the MasterCard® or VISA® logo design on Automatic teller machines worldwide. Click the MasterCard® or VISA® logo design below to obtain the nearest ATM

Safety Tips when utilizing Automatic teller machines

Automatic teller machines really are a convenient means to access your hard earned money. Listed here are a couple of tips about the best way to help safeguard yourself when utilizing an ATM.

  • Have your Card out and able to use while you approach an ATM. Should you observe or sense suspicious persons or conditions, don’t use the ATM in those days.
  • Avoid Automatic teller machines which are poorly lit, hidden, or blocked from view.
  • Never count your hard earned money in the ATM. Hold back until you’re in a safe location.
  • Have a reliable friend along with you, especially during the night.
  • If you think you’re being adopted when departing an ATM, drive immediately towards the nearest police or fire station, in order to an active, well-lit location. Call law enforcement immediately.
  • If you’re involved with a confrontation by having an assailant who demands your hard earned money, COMPLY. Your safety and existence is much more important than any amount of cash.
  • Never swipe your Card within an ATM that appears broken or seems to possess been interfered with.
  • It’s not better to put on costly jewellery or bring belongings towards the ATM. It is really an added incentive towards the assailant.
  • Don’t re-enter your PIN when the ATM keeps your Card. Rather, call Customer Support immediately to report your Card lost.

You could find your customer support number in your Card, on this web site, as well as on the printed information incorporated whenever you received your Card.

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