Eppicard NY (New York)

Eppicard NY (New York)The EPPICard NY (New York), which is also known as the New York Debit MasterCard is issued by the state of New York. It allows custodial parents to access child support payments. The Child support payments are automatically deposited into the account, allowing recipients to get immediate access to their funds as soon as they are deposited. The cards are issued under the MasterCard® and can be used anywhere MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted.

Transaction fees that come with the EPPICard NY (New York):

New York EPPICard

  1. $0.90 for effective ATM cash distributions at in-network Automatic teller machines, after 2 free monthly;
  2. $0.90 for effective ATM cash distributions at non-network Automatic teller machines.
  3. $0.50 for ATM balance queries at non-network Automatic teller machines.
  4. $.50 for those ATM denials, when balance is under amount asked for.
  5. $5.00 for every alternative card released, following the initial card issuance.
  6. $15.00 for any request to expedite delivery new card delivery. Expedited delivery is really a two day delivery, on standard working days only.
  7. Over-draft fee. A 1-time fee of $15.00 will be relevant to your bank account in the finish from the month, in case your account is overdrafted on a day’s the month. This happens whenever a merchant or bank teller doesn’t preauthorize the purchase or cash withdrawal to verify you have available funds to invest. Your bank account might also go negative, and incur the charge, when an ATM denials or ATM balance queries is carried out on your part and there’s no funds within the account.
  8. $1.50 for every Worldwide ATM cash distributions carried out outdoors the united states a currency conversion fee is used additionally towards the transaction fee.

What Information and details Are You Able To Access at www.eppicard.com?

How to login Eppicard NY

Some ATM proprietors may use a fee known as a surcharge to make use of their Automatic teller machines.

  • Avoid having to pay this fee by utilizing Automatic teller machines bearing among the logos proven.

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