Eppicard OK (Oklahoma)

Eppicard OK (Oklahoma)

In November, 2008, the Condition of Oklahoma Employment Security Commission implemented a brand new "all electronic" payment program for receiving obligations using either the brand new prepaid Oklahoma Debit MasterCard® card or direct deposit. This brand new payment program provides fast, convenient, and secure techniques for receiving your obligations. OESC litigants can choose either payment option by calling the toll-free number 1-866-320-8699. Unemployment insurance obligations is going to be made with the idea to your brand-new bank card account or perhaps your personal banking account. With automatic posting of deposits for your requirements, you've reliable use of your funds without any delays because of mail or disasters.

The brand new debit MasterCard® account provides use of your funds 24 hrs each day at Automatic teller machines, bank teller home windows and merchant locations worldwide, anywhere debit MasterCard® cards are recognized. Your bank card account is FDIC insured as well as your account remains safe and secure from your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Quick access to cash at Eppicard OK MasterCard ATM locations worldwide

Consumers can acquire cash at any ATM exhibiting the MasterCard® logo design.

Avoid ATM surcharge costs with your Oklahoma Debit MasterCard® at Comerica and MoneyPass ATM locations.

Cash return with purchases at many store and bank locations free of charge

Consumers could make purchases and receive cash return without any additional costs for the most part merchant and store locations, including supermarkets, pharmacies, shops and gasoline stations exhibiting the MasterCard® logo design.

Search for the MasterCard® logo design to recognize taking part retailers.

MasterCard® Member Banks or Lending Institutions and Comerica Banks provide cash distributions (one per deposit) free of charge to Oklahoma consumers in compliance using the fee structure set through the Condition.

Check Program Material, Relation to Use for particulars.

Use of available balance and transaction history online

Eppicard OK (Oklahoma) Eppicard Customer Service and Account Login OK child support check balance

Consumers get access to their available balance and transaction history utilizing a secure and personally selected user ID and password.

Transaction details are displayed immediately in time and date order.

Online use of username and passwords and balance through the web or Integrated Voice Response (IVR) may be the fastest and simplest method readily available for consumers.

Monthly transaction history within the last two months is easily available on the web, at any time for convenience. Print monthly statement by choosing the most well-liked month.

Eppicard OK (Oklahoma) Cost for you for several Transactions

Oklahoma consumers are permitted limitless free ATM cash distributions at Comerica Bank or MoneyPass Automatic teller machines.

The next costs apply if you are using the help:

  • Purchases at merchant locations, there's free.
  • Cash return with purchase at merchant locations, there's free.
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal at Comerica or MoneyPass® Automatic teller machines are fee free.
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal not carried out at Comerica Bank or MoneyPass® Automatic teller machines are $1.25 each.
  • ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: One (1) free at MoneyPass® or Comerica Bank Automatic teller machines per deposit. $.50 each additional inquiry and $.50 each inquiry at Automatic teller machines apart from MoneyPass or Comerica Bank. Remember balance details are free on the internet.
  • ATM Denial Fee: $.50 for every ATM denial.
  • Bank Teller cash distributions: One (1) free per deposit at MasterCard®Member Bank or Bank and Comerica Banks. $2.00 for every additional transaction.
  • Card alternative one free each twelve months. Following the one free, a charge of $4.00 is billed.
  • Request Expedited Delivery of the alternative card is billed a charge of $15.00. Delivery is susceptible to working days from the company.
  • Worldwide ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee: a charge of $1.25 is billed every time, as well as the Worldwide Transaction Fee.
  • Worldwide Transaction Fee: 2% of transaction amount for every ATM cash withdrawal, teller-aided cash withdrawal, POS transaction and buy with cash return transaction carried out outdoors from the U . s . States.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Fee: you're permitted five free calls towards the Customer Support toll-free number every month. A charge of $.50 is billed every time following the five (5) free calls every month.
  • Mailed Card Account Statement: there's a $1.50 fee for every occurrence.

Get Cash Return with purchases

Many retailers including most supermarkets, diy stores, yet others help you get cash return whenever you buy something. It can save you a visit to the ATM with Cash Return.
Tell the cashier before swiping your Card you want to get cash return together with your purchase. Choose "Bank Card" and stick to the prompts to obtain "Cash Return" and also the amount you want to receive.

Discover the Nearest ATM
Search for the MasterCard® logo design on Automatic teller machines worldwide. Click the MasterCard®logo design below to obtain the nearest ATM

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