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Eppicard NH (New Hampshire) Eppicard Customer Service and Account Login NH child support check balance

In May 2010, New Hampshire implemented a handy "electronic" payment choice for receiving your supporting your children obligations utilizing a prepaid Debit MasterCard® card. Your supporting your children obligations are instantly loaded for your debit MasterCard® card account. You won't be awaiting your check to become sent with the mail.

The brand new Debit MasterCard® account provides use of your funds at Automatic teller machines, bank teller home windows and merchant locations, anywhere debit MasterCard® cards are recognized. Your bank card account is FDIC insured as well as your Personal Identification Number (PIN) safeguards your bank account. Simply spend your hard earned money by showing your Debit MasterCard. Your transactions are secure, convenient and secure.

Your deposits are published within two banking working days after your payment is received and processed in the NH Condition Disbursement Unit.

Get Cash Faster

Get cash at People Bank Automatic teller machines, MasterCard® Member bank teller home windows, or at the favorite merchant locations (as "cash returnInch), exhibiting the MasterCard® Member Acceptance mark. People Bank and MasterCard logos or brand marks are proven below. A charge of $.20 is billed for your requirements should you request for "cash return Inch together with your purchase at merchant locations.

Shop by using Eppicard NH  (New Hampshire)

You should use your Nh Debit MasterCard® at merchant locations exhibiting the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. There's free for purchases at merchant locations when carrying out signature transactions. There's a $.20 fee for purchases making use of your PIN. A charge of $.20 can also be billed for your requirements should you request for "cash returnInch together with your purchase at merchant locations.

Toll-Free Customer Support

You've limitless use of our site 24 hrs each day, seven days a week, all year round. When a payment is published for your requirements, you might access specifics of your bank account through the toll-free customer support phone number 1-877-246-1311, TTY: 1-866-569-0418 or even the Internet at eppicard.com. You'll have limitless free accessibility website, and therefore are qualified for 2 free customer support calls monthly.


Your bank account is FDIC insured and guarded from your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your PIN, User ID, and password provide safe and sound access for your requirements on the internet.

Access To The Internet to available balance and transaction history

Online web use of your card account, balance, and transaction history may be the fastest and simplest method to review transactions and deposits published for your requirements. The details are displayed immediately in time and date order and reflects transactions published for your requirements soon after they occur.

Your bank account transaction history within the last two several weeks (two months) can be obtained online, for your benefit. Print your monthly statement by choosing the most well-liked month.

Free Websites Making use of your Eppicard NH  (New Hampshire) Debit MasterCard®

  • Account Maintenance
  • Initial Card Issuance
  • Deposit Notification every time a deposit is published for your requirements
  • Purchases making use of your signature at Reason for Purchase location
  • Limitless use of username and passwords through the web
  • Access for your requirements by telephone, interactive voice response (IVR) or live operator Up to 2 free calls every month

*Note: There's no fee to report your card as stolen or lost, in order to dispute a transaction published for your requirements.

Low Transaction Costs Making use of your Eppicard NH (New Hampshire) Debit MasterCard®

  • Two (2) free ATM cash distributions every month at People Bank locations. A charge of $1.75 for every effective ATM cash withdrawal after free are utilized
  • $.75 for every ATM balance inquiry
  • $.75 for every ATM denial, when balance is under amount asked for
  • $.30 for every purchase making use of your PIN at Reason for Purchase location
  • $.30 for every request "cash returnInch with purchase making use of your PIN at Reason for Purchase location
  • $2.00 for every cash withdrawal at MasterCard® Member Bank teller home windows
  • $5.00 for every alternative card released, following the initial card issuance
  • $15.00 for any request to expedite delivery of the new card. Expedited delivery is really a two day delivery, on standard working days only
  • $.35 for every Customer Support Call towards the IVR or live operator once you have used your allocated two free calls every month. Remember there's free to gain access to your bank account through the web, www.eppicard.com

Avoid ATM Surcharge Costs

  • Some ATM proprietors may use a fee known as a surcharge to make use of their Automatic teller machines
  • Avoid having to pay this fee by utilizing People Bank Automatic teller machines. Search for the logos proven below

Consumers who've any queries regarding their Supporting Your Children obligations:

Consumers with questions regarding their supporting your children situation should call DCSS Customer Support at 603 271-4427. For queries about deposits for your Nh debit MasterCard account, call the DCSS Voice Response at 800 371-8844.

Customer Support can be obtained 24 hrs each day, seven days a week, to:

For those questions associated with the Nh Debit MasterCard, consumers should call the EPPIC Customer Support toll-free number at 877-246-1311 TTY: 866-569-0418. This particular service can be obtained 24 hrs each day, seven days a week and handles calls associated with:

  • Your Debit MasterCard balance
  • Choosing or altering your individual Identification Number (PIN)
  • Your transaction history
  • Questions regarding the credit card use
  • Arguing a transaction published for your card account
  • Confirming stolen or lost card
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