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ICICI Bank, among the Large Four Banks together with SBI, Punjab National Bank, and Canara Bank, is among the biggest private banks in India. ICICI Bank was established in 1994 through the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, an Indian lender. It’s varied worldwide knowledge about subsidiaries and branches around the globe.

In 2002, ICICI released its cash transfer service known as Money2India . It offers both indicative exchange rate in USD and glued exchange rupee transfer facility. This can be a unique feature supplied by Money2India to provide more choices to the clients.

You will find various programs around through Money2India: e-transfer, Express e-transfer, and Energy Transfer. The e-transfer facility uses US Automated Clearing House (ACH) to help make the direct online cash transfer. You are able to send money out of your checking or savings bank account in USA towards the recipient’s bank account in order to the resident VISA bank card accounts in India. The cash could be moved to in excess of 100 banks in India. There’s an maximum of $7500 each day when the cash is sent straight to the recipient’s bank account. The limit is greater in comparison to another banks. This particular service isn’t costly either as well as for amounts over $1000 the services are free.

ICICI bank’s cash transfer plan to india: Money2India doesn’t provide expedited change in money. It requires the least 2 business days through these services unless of course you need to do Energy Transfer that is a wire transfer service. To be able to get money within one banking day through Energy Transfer you must have a free account with ICICI in India. Energy Transfer may also be used to transmit money straight into accounts with more than 100 other banks and also the transfer takes roughly 3 banking days.

 If you don’t come with an account with ICICI, Express e-transfer may be the quickest cash transfer service supplied by ICICI. You’re guaranteed a delivery within a couple of days. But loyalty matters here because the expertise of Express e-transfer could be acquired only by loyal e-transfer customers and also the selection qualifying criterion is dependant on internal guidelines of ICICI. The highlight may be the nominal low fee with this transaction which can be the least expensive in comparison with other cash transfer services supplying exactly the same facilities. The utmost transaction limit through this particular service is $3000 each day.

 Money2India offers capabilities because of its customers. The client services are available by telephone, by email, or click to. You are able to use the internet to trace the transfer or make use of the Money2India mobile application released in May 2013. You may also repay what you owe in India through Money2India. You aren’t determined by the banking hrs in India to help make the transfer because the services are available 24 hours 7 days. Money2India was granted Best Remittance Business Award in the Asian Banker Honours 2013.

On the final note, Money2India services is much more well-liked by customers who curently have a free account with ICICI bank. But due to ICICI’s status as banking giant, non-ICICI bank customers may also use Money2India for their benefit to transfer profit a dependable and guarded manner.

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